Soft Touch Transparent Clamp Pad

Soft Touch Transparent Clamp Pad

Unparalleled clarity combined with no-pop pins and grip-tight pads provide reliable results which virtually eliminate costly false rejects. Fabricated of the highest quality materials together with the many design improvements ensures problem-free, resilient operation.

Our exclusive pin design…

  • Eliminates pin popping caused by trapped gasses
  • Extends clamp pad life
  • Reduces can rocking
  • Eliminates indentation caused by misaligned pins
  • The addition of reflex pads…

  • Provides for rapid yet smooth release resulting in fewer dented cans
  • Enhances the gripping capabilities
  • Virtually eliminates can rocking
  • The clarity of the puck…

  • Ensures greater light penetration for more accurate testing
  • Will not degrade with time